Collect & Go

The electronic CMR service allows transport and logistics companies to get rid of paperwork and transfer CMR to a digital format that will be available to all participants in the transportation process. The task of the project is to completely digitize all CMR processes – creation, filling out a document, signatures of all participants. Integration should also be available for third-party companies and regulatory organizations that want to connect to the service.


What was developed

  1. API that allows to process e-CMR, manage shippers, carriers and consignees. Also, the API allows new companies to quickly integrate who want to use the service.
  2. Web portal for management, where you can manage e-CMR-s (create, edit, delete, appoint performers, etc.) and manage users (roles and accesses) connected to the system. Manage connected organizations so on. 
  3. Mobile application for drivers, where they can manage the available CMRs (select several CMRs for transportation, sign the documents using touchscreen, record the loading and unloading times of the truck) and submit documents on the way, at the request of the inspection authorities (police, etc.).


  • DBMS – SQL-Server
  • API – C#
  • Web Portal – Vue+Vuetify
  • Mobile App – React Native

Request for Proposal